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I write extensively on the challenges that we face in academic life, and the frustrations we have to deal with on a daily basis. This page is intended to collect my blog posts on the topic.

A full-engagement approach to research

Most of the research strategies I share on my blog have an inherent and underlying philosophy: the work I do has to be fully engaged and generate components that can be used within the research process. This post explains how my full-engagement approach works.

In defense of libraries.

I wrote in defense of libraries worldwide, partly because I’m a book worm, but also in particular because I love library science. Moreover, I realize that a well-stocked library is fundamental to the development of a literate society, which is why I donate books and promote libraries whenever I can and as much as I can. Also, I think that cities that lack robust libraries throughout their territory are making a big public policy mistake.

We need research managers and administrative assistants, period. Their work is invaluable in doing paperwork and engaging in the logistics and administrative burden of running events, managing projects, ensuring that payments come out at the right time.

One of the reasons my scholarly productivity went up (literally, through the roof) during a previous stage of my academic career was the fact that I had not one, but two amazing research assistants. Whatever I needed done (assemble datasets, create tables, format journal article manuscripts, organize my academic life), they were there. In this post I reflect on how we should treat our research assistants and share my approach and philosophy.

Dealing with rejection in academic writing and academia in general

My previously stellar record both in grant writing and in journal article publishing got a bit of a clobbering a few years ago. I got grant proposals that I had really put my heart and soul into them (and that I thought were spectacularly well written) rejected. In this post I reflect on how we can deal with the fact that rejection is part of academic life.

I also reflected on the need for grants to move your research forward. I’ve written about this topic often because it’s something that comes up regularly.

Should qualitative research be subjected to the same transparency requirements as quantitative scholarship?

As someone who does multiple methods but is primarily qualitative now I am always concerned with the fetichisization of quantification as a model and requirement for rigorous research. In this post I discuss my qualms about sharing my raw research and fieldnotes.

The ethics of peer review: Some tips and best practices

I discuss some of the challenges of current peer review practice and offer a few suggestions for best practices.

A few pieces of advice for academic presenters

Wherein I discuss the “do’s” and “don’ts” of academic presentations.

Breaking the vicious cycle of grant funding and writing

In which I discuss one of the worst realities of grant writing and funding – to get funded, you need funding. That is, to do more projects with external funding, you need to be successful at least once before. My post discusses my experience with this conundrum.

Teaching in English in a Spanish speaking country

I decided since I arrived to Mexico from Canada that I would continue teaching in English despite the fact that Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country, and my institution grants degrees where courses are taught in Spanish. I think it’s proven an effective strategy to enhance my students’ language skills.

Reporting on higher education needs more diverse voices and the New York Times is NOT on it.

Wherein I complain about how the NYT only asks traditional questions about higher education and forgets people of color and marginalized academics.

Jeremy Renner’s divorce from Sonni Pacheco cost him dearly– however just in child assistance– Divorce Debbie

Jeremy dayout with first partner Sonni Pacheco

Jeremy Renner met ex-wife Sonni Pacheco in Vancouver in 2010 whilst he was shooting Objective Impossible: Ghost Procedure and she was dealing with set as a stand-in. The aspiring actress and previous design and the actor hit it off rapidly and the 2 ended up being a couple.In March 2013 they inviteddaughter Ava and things were going quite well in between the 2. A kid of divorce himself, Jeremy was not a big believer in marital relationship. He didn’t actually think he ‘d decrease the aisle with Sonni or anybody for that matter, however he wished to provide his daughter with a solid family and chose to take the plunge.He was 43 when he married Sonni in January 2014. She was 21. Ten months later on the couple separated and Sonni filed for divorce from Jeremy. Obviously their attempt at marriage didn’t

work. At the time it was reported that the 2 were simply too various to make it work. Their considerable age difference may have played a role as well.It was reported that Jeremy regretted getting married extremely soon after the reality. That makes it unsurprising that the marriage eventually stopped working.

It also ended up being clear soon that the divorce was going to be controversial. Sonni asked for primary physical but joint legal custody for their child. Oddly she also requested that Jeremy needs to “instantly return(her)taken passport, birth certificate, social security card and be restrained from making further efforts to conceal exact same. “It’s uncertain what might be the story behind that request.Paula Patton Jeremy’s co star & linkup In addition Sonni wanted the prenup the separated couple had actually signed to be stated void due to the fact that of fraud. She desired the couple’s Variety Rover, a minimum of for

the time being, and Jeremy must & pay the

lease and also pay for her moving expenses.The divorce took its toll on Jeremy. He was working on films and had to content with going to depositions to figure out the divorce from Sonni. At the same time he attempted to spend quality time with his daughter as well.Ultimately the divorce was completed in December 2015.

The prenup was thought about valid and whatever that had been set down in it would be followed. That implied that Sonni would not get any spousal support. Jeremy likewise kept the majority of his properties as well as his automobile and motorcycle.

It’s uncertain if Sonni received anything here.Jeremy was ordered to pay Sonni $13,000 a month in child assistance, nevertheless. And in case his yearly income would go beyond$2.3 million a year, he was likewise ordered to pay an extra 5%in kid support.Whilst that is a great deal of loan, Jeremy definitely loves his daughter and wants to spend as much time with her as possible.

He and Sonni have shared legal and physical custody, so he does get equal time with his daughter. Jeremy even stated that he would decline future tasks if it suggested that he would not be able to invest as much time with his child.

So he likely pays child assistance happily, no matter just how much it is.In the meantime he has actually carried on. He’s not officially known to be dating anyone in particular, however has actually been seen out and about with various ladies. He was quickly linked to co-star Paula Patton, but it was rejected that anything was going on in between the two. He seems to focus mainly on his career and his daughter. The very same is obviously true for Sonni.Jeremy and Sonni with their infant Paula & Jeremy snapped at an event

New Student Spotlight: Pablo González-Pacheco Fernández

The Winterline Global Abilities Space Year Program takes a trip to 10 various countries over 9 months, where trainees learn 100 new life skills while taking a trip the world with their friends.

Believing about taking a gap year too?


A gap year was never ever in my interest. This is due to the fact that I believed it was worthless, primarily getting a point of view from good friends who have actually done it recently. However, when I was presented to Winterline I thought that it did not look like any of the other activities my good friends have done. My interest in Winterline originates from its mission to teach 100 different skills that are important or useful in one’s life. I was extremely interested in this element, as I saw it as an opportunity I could not dismiss.Pablo González-Pacheco Fernández, winterline, gap year

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO TAKE A SPACE YEAR? I have actually been accepted to numerous universities in the US and Europe. I believe I would benefit enormously from a space year that would assist me fully grown and expose me to new experiences that will offer me more clarity towards my enthusiasm and path I desire to take in my academic profession.


I believe I am very thinking about all the abilities. The skills that intrigue me the most are all outside activities. This is due to the fact that I have actually been an extremely outdoors individual my whole life, over the last few years particularly I’ve had the chance to practice several outdoors activities. The very first to come to mind is diving, this is an activity that I truly enjoy and want to learn it as an ability.Pablo González-Pacheco Fernández, winterline, gap year

DO YOU HAVE AN CONCEPT OF WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO Perform In THE FUTURE? In my professional career, I wish to end up being a business owner as concepts are what passions me in life. Because I was really young I have actually been interested by simple concepts that now form big businesses, as a result, I’ve been extremely efficient on thinking ideas of my own, I have a number of to form start-ups in the future. To follow my enthusiasm I wish to study in a company orientated school that will teach me the needed resources to reach my dream.


In 2016 I participated as a volunteer in Ostional, Costa Rica. The mission of the offering program was to protect and help sea turtles in the Pacific ocean. To finish this objective we had to assist the sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach and take care of the child turtles. This was my preferred journey as its the most gratifying experience of my life, I am a really animalist individual as I am inspired by animals. In addition, I also met a great deal of people in the program, some of which I have actually established really strong relationships.Pablo González-Pacheco Fernández, winterline, gap year

WHAT DO YOU ANTICIPATE TO GAIN FROM YOUR GAP YEAR PROGRAM AND WHILE TRAVELING ABROAD? In the program, I wish to become an independent and fully grown individual. I also wish to develop brand-new relationships within and outside the program, I wish to open my mind to new cultures and understand brand-new individuals around the globe. Finally, I wish to develop all abilities as deeply as possible and feel an extensive sensation of complete satisfaction at the end of the experience.