August 8, 2019– Birb (OOTD # 542)– L’ensemble du jour

On August 8, I saw a lot of birds.

For a while there, birds were my preferred animals (however cats are more my taste now). There was no particular kind of bird that was my favorite during my bird phase– simply whatever had wings and could fly (sorry ostriches and penguins). I’m 100% a woman who would have gotten a tattoo of birds in flight on my collarbone back in 2013 or whenever that was stylish. Bonus points if it features an inspirational quote about wanderlust.

I’ve never had a flying dream in my life, though I have actually always wished I might have them. Flight as a principle is just so cool to me– like, you simply flap your wings and away you go. Possibly that’s why I like taking a trip in aircrafts so much.

The highlight of both islands I saw were the birds. There were some sea lions and cool rock developments too, however the birds were really the primary destination. They were literally all over– in trees, on the ground, in the air, in the water. I think that should not shock me– obviously birds are populous on a set of unoccupied islands. There are no people to bother them and few predators to hunt them.

Since of this, they’re not nearly as skittish as many birds and will let you stroll right approximately their nest if you do not make any loud sounds. I got more cool bird pictures on this day than I believe I’ve ever gotten in my life.

The infants were all so big and fluffy! I would not have been shocked if you ‘d told me that they were full-size, and the blue-footed booby children simply appeared like huge cotton balls for their whole lives. They’re the sort of animal that you just wish to connect and family pet– you can’t, certainly, otherwise you ‘d ruin the entire point of not interrupting them so that they don’t become skittish in the future. Still, they were so charming. I’m having a difficult time choosing whether the bird babies or the sea lions were the cutest animals I saw on my journey– and yes, that includes the huge tortoises, which I’ll compose about in an approaching post.

That has to do with it for today. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one with more updates on my journey to the Galápagos Islands this summertime. Do not forget to inspect me out on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin, Twitter, and Tumblr! For organisation inquiries, shoot me an email at!

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