When Is a Bird a ‘Birb’? An Extremely Important Guide

There are certain terms that embed themselves into your consciousness like a woodpecker’s beak in particle board. “Birb” is one of them. For those not terminally online, birb is affectionate internet-speak for birds. The word began, as near as anyone can tell, when the absurdist Twitter account BirdRightsActivist tweeted the single word “Birb,” out on November 2012; two years later, it had multiple entries in Urban Dictionary and a dedicated reddit forum. The term is seemingly designed for the internet: one syllable, beginning and ending with “b,” connoting a pleasant roundness, a warm mouth-feel. What a good birb, you might say, or I’m so glad we went birb-watching, or I love Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birbs.

Birb is a slightly daffy word from the same school of internet absurdity that gave us LOLCats (“I Can Has Cheezburger”) and Doge (“Much Meme, very cute. Wow.”) Yet unlike these online gags, or memes, birb functions as a category rather than a stock character. It is roughly akin to “doggo,” or “,” yet all dogs and snakes are contained within those words; birb remains amorphous. Sit outside an Austin coffeeshop on a pleasant fall day, and many urban birds present themselves for perusal: strutting, sardonic grackles, chatty parakeets, bustling sparrows. Which of them are birb? Are some birds more birb-like than others? What is a birb, really?

First, let’s consider the canonized usages. The subreddit r/birbs defines a birb as any bird that’s “being funny, cute, or silly in some way.” Urban Dictionary has a more varied set of definitions, many of which allude to a generalized smallness. A video on the youtube channel Lucidchart offers its own expansive suggestions: All birds are birbs, a chunky bird is a borb, and a fluffed-up bird is a floof. Yet some tension remains: How can all birds be birbs if smallness or cuteness are in the equation? Clearly some birds get more recognition for an innate birbness.

What this question requires, therefore, are some basic operational rules. 

Northern Parula (floof). Photo: Tara Tanaka/Audubon Photography Awards

Rule 1: Birbs are often (though not conclusively) small. Adult Ostriches are thus disqualified, as is any bird larger than a turkey; warblers, sparrows, flycatchers, and other songbirds are the most likely demographic. Even large birds start small, however: An ostrich or crane chick is absolutely a birb. We may understand, then, that while “birb” can be a developmental stage, some birds are birbs their whole lives. 

Rule 2: Birbs are often (though not always) round. People tend to regard round animals as cuter, and round objects in general to be more pleasant. (This shape factor also complements the aforementioned roundness of the word “birb” itself.) Given this, the rounder or fluffier a bird is, the more birblike it is likely to be. Here again, classic songbirds and rotund groundbirds like grouse and ptarmigans have the advantage: They look like little balls of fluff, an important component for birbness. Most hawks and eagles are too sharp and angular to qualify under this metric; the same goes for many gulls, cranes, crows, and grackles. If the Pileated Woodpecker didn’t lose its birb status under Rule 1, it does now, though smaller and rounder woodpeckers like the Downy or Red-bellied are most certainly birbs. 

Dark-eyed Junco (birb). Photo: Michele Black/Great Backyard Bird Count

Rule 3: Birbs appear cute.This gets into slightly dicier territory: Isn’t cuteness subjective? Up to a point, but Rule 2 helps here: Humans tend to like looking at round and fluffy things. So much so, in fact, that violent or unseemly behavior doesn’t disqualify a bird from birbness: the aggression of hummingbirds, the Vlad-the-impaler antics of shrikes, brood parasitism of cuckoos, and brain-eating of Great Tits are immaterial to their round fluffiness. You could post a picture of any of these on reddit under “murder birb” and nobody would blink. Again, eagles and other large raptors are a bit too majestic and fierce looking to count under this metric. However, silliness or absurdity also come into play: The potoo bird is large and not particularly fluffy, but its general muppety appearance makes it a contender for the title. 

Now that we’ve laid out some basic guidelines, let’s test them out. The following can be unquestionably judged as birbs, hitting the natural sweet spot of round, fluffy, and small: The vast majority of songbirds. Burrowing Owls, Elf Owls, both screech-owls, American Kestrals, and other small raptors also qualify. So do prairie chickens, quail, shorebirds like sandpipers, and smaller seabirds like puffins and penguins. Parrots of all sizes are in, despite some of them being quite formidable, because culturally they scan as cute. Little waders like the Green Heron are in, but the Great Blue Heron? Sorry, not a birb.

Shoebill (not birb). Photo: John Rollins/Audubon Photography Awards

As discussed, big raptors, while incredible and fascinating creatures, are not birbs. The same goes for large seabirds like gulls and albatrosses. Swans and geese have solidified a reputation as terrors, and are worryingly big besides. Most cranes, herons, and storks are too larger and lanky. And then you get to birds like the Shoebill stork and the Cassowary, which are perhaps the least birb-like birds on the planet. Their chicks may qualify as birbs (see Rule 1), but the adults most definitely do not.

Now, one might reasonably ask why it matters which birds qualify as birbs. Strictly speaking, of course, it doesn’t. But viewed sidelong, it becomes a taxonomic game, akin to “is a hot dog a sandwich.” These sorts of debates are fun partially because they reveal real fault-lines in our operational definitions. It’s a chance to take stock, not just of what we think about birds, but how we think about them. Defining “birb” also means interrogating our impressions. It’s not only about rating them: It’s about reminding us that—regardless of birb-status—all birds are good.

How to Make Flappy Birb With Block Editor: 9 Steps

From here the steps get hard. Always check back on the picture to make sure you’re doing it right.

First we need three new variables. “ticks”, “emptyObstacleY” and “index2”.

Take an If block from the Logic section. This is where everything will go inside.

Inside Logic, under comparisons , take a “0=0” block.

From Math, take a remainder block.

For the first number, we put in the variable ticks.

The for the second value put a 3.

Then put this newly finished block into the first number value of the 0=0 block turning it into ” Remainder of ticks divided by 3 = 0.

Then take this block and put it in the If block instead of true. Then it should say ” If remainder of ticks divide by 3 = 0 then”

Now we can put things in the block.

From Variables. Take the set block

Make it ” Set emptyObstacleY”

Then from Math, take the pick random block and set the values to “pick random form 0 to 4”

then put this pick random block into your set emptyObstacleY block. Refer to the picture to see if you did it right.

Put this set block under and inside the larger If block.

Now from Loops, take the third block there, For (Variable) from 0 to 4 do.

For the variable, insert “index2”

It should now be, For index2 from 0 to 4 do.

Now put this under and in the larger If block.

Now take another If block and put it in the for block.

Now from the Logic, subsection Comparison, take another if 0=0 block but change it to if 0 does not equal 0.

Replace the first 0 with variable index2

Replace the other variable with emptyObstacleY

Now take this block and put it instead of true.

Now from Arrays, take the add value to end block.

Make the first variable obstacles.

Now in the blank we put a create sprite at x,y block.

X will be 4 and Y will be variable index 2

Now put this Array block in the smaller If block which is in the For block.

Bitcoin Must Reclaim $7960 for a Swing to $9,100 –Crypto Birb – NewsLogical

Bitcoin, the largest digital currency, made a bold move to the upside in terms of market price trend some hours ago. Coupled with BTC price resurgence are the Altcoins that also joined the king of coins in the race to overrule the bears.

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Analyst Says Bitcoin Needs to Reclaim $7,960

Crypto Birb shared his view about what to expect for Bitcoin as the price of the digital currency maintains an inch above $7,500 support in the past 24 hours.

In his sentiment, he averred that Bitcoin has to retest $7,960 resistance as soon as possible, in order to allow a price swing to $9,100. He then clamored that failure to fulfill this could end the price of BTC in $5,400 price region.

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$btc must reclaim 7960 to swing 9.1k (note bullish divergence)
early signal is 3D close above MA100
anything below is MTF~5.4k-oriented
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— Crypto₿irb (@crypto_birb) November 30, 2019

Recent Scenarios That Impacted Bitcoin Price

All downtrend and uptrend experienced by Bitcoin lately were each attributed to a particular event. One of those events to remember was when China, especially the Shanghai government, seemingly moved to clampdown on some crypto exchanges and trading startups in the geographical location.

When this was ongoing, the prices of Bitcoin and virtually all other digital currencies in the market were plummeting. This downtrend was unexpectedly attributed to the action of the Shanghai government.

The event illustrated above preceded the trending scenario that erupted mixed reactions among the cryptocurrency community members. The subjects were Binance exchange, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and The Block, the well-known digital currency news platform.

The fracas surfaced after The Block reported the purported raid and closedown of the Binance exchange’s office in Shanghai by the police. The news was swiftly flawed by the CEO of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ.

This issue later advanced into suing proposal, which then erupted tons of different opinions. Blames were cast on the news outlet The Block, as Binance claimed it has no office in Shanghai let alone being raided and forced to close down. However, the crypto news platform maintained the information was real.

The effect of this fracas also supposedly reflected on the price of Bitcoin in the market. The downtrend even aided BTC to be priced farther below $7,000 support level at that time.

However, BTC has since resurged to trade a bit above $7,500 resistance level. The price uptrend of the digital currency was as well attributed to another event as always.

This time, the Bitcoin price trend is being attached to the widespread “Thanksgiving”. Some analysts claimed that the event gives room to buyback, which has always favored the price trend of BTC or any other digital currency.

Bitcoin has so far managed to maintain stability above $7,500 support level. At the time of filing this report, BTC is trading at $7,600.77, with relatively 2% price downtrend in the last 24 hours.

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