Cat Tales | Warriors MAP COMPLETE


Gosh, I don’t even have words to express how happy I am to finally see this finished! 99.99% finished at least. Please know, me and the one artist had an understanding that the one part wouldn’t be fully finished in order for us to finally release this!

This is a dream come true to have this done, since this was an AMV idea I had back in 2009. I had tried to animate it myself back then and it did not work out that well lol
You can watch my original attempt here:

Cat Couples:
Graystripe and Silverstream
Crowpaw and Feathertail
Oakheart and Bluefur
(I notice a theme of Riverclan cats here)

I had to chose a cover of the song since it was blocked on the MAP call. Because of this, some parts needed to be edited to fit the song. I hope everyone is okay with that!

Here is the cover I used.

Here is a playlist of the sound effects used in the MAP as well,

And here is a playlist with all the parts in the MAP!

Thumbnail by Leo the Calm

Another big thank you to you all, I hope you enjoy the MAP!

Bongo Cat – “Life is Fun” – Ft. TheOdd1sOut & Boyinaband (Official Music Video PARODY)

Life is Fun – Bongo Cat Parody
Try not to die from all the cuteness! xD
“The characters portrayed in this music video are people who are deemed as close friends or people who are working or have worked with TheOdd1sOut.”

*Popular Question*
“Then why is Adam in the video and not Jaiden?”

Yes Jaiden is a close friend of James as well but she didn’t really contribute to anything in making the original m/v. As for Adam he helped out by singing the part of Dave during a live performance of the song in Vidcon Australia so I thought it was appropriate. Trust me, I have nothing against Jaiden and am actually a huge fan of her works. Hope this answers your questions!

Please check out the original music video down below vvv
Original Video:

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RushLight Invader:






Hey guys! TJ here!
Okay, so I know you were expecting a story time video, but I couldn’t help myself from making this. Honestly, it was supposed to be a filler video, but things happened lol
So I was supposed to just do the Intro verse, but somehow it turned from doing just the intro to doing the chorus, then from the chorus to another verse, then another verse, then I just ended up doing the entire song itself. HAHAHA
You know me… I always go overboard with things… Sorry if you were expecting a story time. I’ll be sure to get one out soon! But for now please enjoy this awfully long filler lol

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Hey you read through till the end! You’re freakin awesome!!
Here’s a nice big *internet hug* (~^w^)~

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Adorable Cat Loaf Adventures Part 10 (A Date with Cat Loaf!) A VOAdam Comic Dub

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Adorable Cat Loaf Adventures Part 10 (A Date with Cat Loaf!) A VOAdam Comic Dub
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