Meet your RISD Board of Trustees candidate: District 2’s Vanessa Pacheco – Lake Highlands

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Pacheco

The RISD Board of Trustees election is on Nov. 5. Early voting begins Oct. 21.

District 2: Vanessa Pacheco

Why have you decided to run for this position?

I’m campaigning because I believe that every child, family, and resident in the district needs a voice on the school board. Our community contribution is vital to our students, by representing RISD, I will work to support our students’ and educators’ needs to enhance education for readiness in a world economy.

I believe in transparency and the use of budgeting and financial analysis to make fiscally responsible decisions. Being a part of planning and improving current plans by creating efficiencies and collaboration to ensure that what we have is adding value to our district.

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I’m prepared to provide responsible support and innovative solutions that will improve our school system. My focus is to encourage success, use my experience and leadership to plan a strategy that will prepare students and support educators. Together we can enhance community support and establish a strong educational foundation for all students.

What experience have you had that will help you with this position?

I have an MBA in Global Leadership, from the Naveen Jindal Business School at UT Dallas. There I was able to refine my finance and leadership skills, including working with multinational teams. I graduated as a scholar with distinction and was inducted in the Phi Kappa Phi honor society.

My professional work experience of commercial real-estate acquisitions/divestitures, capital requests and due diligence provides me with a strong business acumen to make valuable decisions for programs that support our students and educators. I am process improvement expert and am prepared with a unique set of analytical and organizational skills to transform ideas into plans with adequate strategies and leadership that will benefit our diverse demographics in District 2. Prior to working in real estate, I was a professional translator providing me a unique understanding of the needs of language learners.

My children have attended RISD schools from the elementary school level and now both are in high school. As a parent, I’ve learned of the many challenges and accomplishments RISD schools experience at all levels. I’ve been involved with PTAs [currently a Golden RAM member], fundraisers, have volunteered for various causes and arts initiatives throughout Dallas and Richardson.

If elected, what policies will you advocate for?

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The policies I’d advocate for would be reducing inefficiencies in school operations with increased planning. Enhancing and providing increased support to programs that contribute additional opportunities that help our students thrive including. I would also support the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity policy throughout the district with ongoing training and education for everyone, including students. I would promote the awareness of student mental health and campus safety by strengthening our programs, including improved training to the support teams. I’d work on reducing classroom size and extend class time, doing so would improve overall learning and understanding of the subjects taught.

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What do you like about RISD?

Our educators are passionate about their students. Many of them go above and beyond to encourage, assist, and foster dialogue with our students. The diversity represented in RISD is magnificent, our students have an added opportunity of learning from each other. The positive energy and desire to do more is perceived, with adequate strategies and innovation we can elevate RISD to upward trend of increased success.

What don’t you like about RISD?

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Areas of improvement are the large class sizes; more schools are slated to request waivers to increase class sizes above the 22:1 state ratio. Although we have opened all-day PK, it is still limited and reaching more children will improve their success in the long-term. Finally, our low college/work ready average rates. Although they graduate, many are not seeking to take college entrance testing or enroll in 2-yr programs. Based on 2017 graduates, only 49% took the SAT. Results are slowly improving and based on the curriculum offered, we should have more students working towards improving their future opportunities and choices.

What changes are you hoping to make?

I hope to support our teachers and invest in our students with programs and activities that will help them contribute on a global scale. I want to promote a well-rounded education that opens the minds of our students so they can take the lead and have successful careers. Ensuring that we give our educators adequate teaching time, tools and training, and continued support to students who experience external hardships.

What – in your opinion – is the culture of RISD?

The culture of RISD is adjusting to represent and incorporate the demographics of the students. It is struggling to move quickly with these changes, yet it has maintained a high standard of thoughtfulness for students and preserving effective educators throughout all grades.

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What would you like constituents to know?

With your vote, we can give our students an excellent education foundation (at all levels) that ensures increased college and workforce success so they can be successful contributors of our society and the world-economy.  Every action we take to help one another is not insignificant. When we mentor or provide ideas to our youth, we help reframe their point of view into something that may otherwise be considered impossible.

I grew up in the bi-national community of El Paso, TX and am a proud student of public-school education. I was taught that no industry/field of study is out of reach, tolerance, and diplomacy at an early age. I’m highly focused and resilient. These character traits have enabled me to make my dreams into realities. I’ve surpassed expectations and was encouraged by amazing educators. It has not been an easy path, but it has been rewarding. I am a firm believer that education improves our socio-economic condition, increasing with each generation.

With fiscal responsibility, transparency & community engagement; RISD can prepare our students, with a 360 approach, for this world economy.  I’m confident that with my experience, cultural knowledge and education – I will add value and foster positive outcomes for RISD.

This Q&A has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Armchair first look- Harrison vs. Pacheco- PFL Women’s Lightweight title fight

One-third of the field for the Dec. 31 PFL championship card is set, as last Friday’s PFL 7 set the title fights in both the PFL Women’s Lightweight and Welterweight divisions.

As the old adage goes, “ladies before gentlemen”.

In keeping with that adage, we’ll begin our series of first looks at the title fights with the Women’s Lightweight title contest between No. 2 seed Kayla Harrison (6-0) and No. 4 seed Larissa Pacheco (13-3).

A prize of $1 million awaits the winner of this contest in New York City, as does the customary championship belt.

Harrison and Pacheco will meet head-to-head for the second time on New Year’s Eve, having fought previously in the 2019 regular season during PFL 1 on May 9.

The previous encounter:

That night, Harrison fought to a unanimous decision against Pacheco to earn three points in the Women’s Lightweight standings.

It was the first time in her MMA career that Harrison did not win by a stoppage.

This title fight will be a maximum of five rounds at five minutes per round and will decide the first Women’s Lightweight champion in Professional Fighters League, and for that matter, mixed martial arts history.

Prior to the 2019 PFL season, no MMA promotion had ever had a Women’s Lightweight class.

Contender Comparison:

Heading into the New Year’s Eve title fight, Kayla Harrison is the taller contestant, standing 5-foot-8, an inch taller than Larissa Pacheco’s 5-foot-7 frame.

How they got here:

Kayla Harrison stopped playoff alternate Bobbi Jo Dalziel, a late replacement for No. 3 seed Genah Fabian (medical issues), by first-round armbar submission. Harrison has yet to lose in her MMA career.

In the other corner, Larissa Pacheco defeated No. 1 seed Sarah Kaufman by unanimous decision to set up the New Year’s Eve contest in the Big Apple.

The Tale of the Tape:

Tapology shows that Larissa Pacheco holds a 3.5-inch reach advantage (69 inches to 65.5 inches) over Kayla Harrison.

Prediction: Kayla Harrison by first-round submission

PFL Women’s Lightweight Championship: Tuesday, Dec. 31, ESPN2

Our first #PFLPlayoffs event is in the books and the 2019 #PFLChampionship is beginning to take shape. @KaylaH vs. @pachecolarissa_ and Ray Cooper III vs. @bulldawg_170 on deck for Madison Square Garden, New York City! 🗽

— #PFLmma (@ProFightLeague) October 12, 2019

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Marvel star Jeremy Renner hits back at ex-wife Sonni Pacheco – Movies News

The legal battle between Marvel star Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco is getting uglier by the day.

According to documents filed in a court, Pacheco, who married and divorced Renner in 2014, said that the actor once put a gun in his mouth and threatened to shoot himself, TMZ reported. However, Renner denied all claims and in turn accused her of sending his nudes and being obsessed with his “sex life”. Renner said that she sent his nudes to their lawyers, just to cause him “embarassment”.

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According to TMZ, Renner claimed that Pacheco was obsessed with his sex life and the sex lives of those in his circle. The actor said her obsession extended to her alleged sexually explicit sculptures, which expose their daughter to such dark, graphic, sexual material on a daily basis.”

These claims come just after Pacheco had said Renner ultimately fired a shot in the ceiling, while their daughter, Ava, was asleep in her bedroom.

Pacheco also accused Renner of alleged drug use as well as emotional and verbal abuse. The ex-couple currently have the joint custody of Ava, but Pacheco has petitioned for sole custody at the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Renner has also filed court documents, claiming that Pacheco is suffering from mental health problems.

He said Pacheco is bitter about their marriage being a failure and is now looking for “cash grab”. Renner also claimed that his former spouse once bragged to her friends that she had “bagged an Avenger”, referring to the actor’s turn as Hawkeye in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

A post shared by Jeremy Renner (@renner4real) on

A representative of Renner had also released a statement, where the actor denied the “one-sided” claims levelled by Pacheco. “The well-being of his daughter Ava has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It’s important to note the dramatisations made in Sonni’s declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind,” his spokesperson said.



Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco Claims He Threatened To Eliminate Her

Sonni Pacheco says Jeremy Renner has a history of verbally abusive behavior versus her

Jeremy Renner remains in the midst of a heated custody battle with his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, over their 6-year-old daughter, Ava. While it was already controversial, the battle simply escalated and now, Renner is dealing with some very serious allegations. In brand-new court files, Pacheco declares that Renner discussed eliminating her and put a gun in his own mouth on the very same night.

, new court files say that Pacheco claimed Renner was under the influence of alcohol and drug at a bar in November when he supposedly informed someone he “might not deal” with his other half anymore and simply “desired her gone.” Pacheco alleges that the exact same night, he put a gun in his mouth and threatened to kill her. Then, she states he fired the gun into the ceiling which all of it happened while his child was sleeping.

Pacheco is not the only one who heard Renner’s dangers, according to the documents. A nanny reportedly overheard him threaten to eliminate his other half and himself, too. She says she heard him state that it would be better for his daughter to have no parents “than to have [Sonni] as a mom.”

It’s definitely a major and frightening matter, however Pacheco says it’s not the very first time Renner’s habits behind closed doors has actually been a major cause for issue. She states these kinds of frightening situations are not totally out of character for the star and that he has a history of verbal abuse against her, as well as struggles with alcohol and drugs. She even declares he when left drug out in plain sight in the bathroom where his child might reach it.

Of course, these are court accusations that have not been proven, and Renner is currently resisting. Pacheco appears to be taking it all extremely seriously. She’s looking for sole custody of their child with only monitored visitation from actor.

Renner’s representative informed United States Weekly, “The wellness of his daughter Ava has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It’s essential to keep in mind the dramatizations made in Sonni’s declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific objective in mind.”

Pacheco filed for divorce from Renner in 2014 after just 10 months of marriage. The divorce was settled that December.

It’s always sad when we hear unsettling things like this about stars we have actually appreciated onscreen. Ideally, the courts will completely analyze all the evidence in the case and make the finest ruling to ensure the health and safety of the entire family.

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‘Disrespect’: New information launched in 2018 Pacheco stabbing death

Approximately 15 minutes prior to the stabbing, which happened at 12:15 p.m., witnesses overheard Goode state something about “disrespect” to Ousey, as the 2 argued in front of the California Grand Casino, which is across the street from the bowling alley. Another witness, who police say hung out with Goode and a group of “transients” after the stabbing, informed authorities Goode had two knives and appeared to be “stalking” Ousey before the stabbing. An individual who knew Goode told officers he ‘d just recently gotten out of prison for stabbing somebody at a nearby 7-Eleven, according to police.

Sonni Pacheco: Who is Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife and what does she do now?

Sonni Pacheco is the ex-wife of actor Jeremy Renner. The two are making headlines today for their ongoing bitter custody battle over their 6-year-old daughter, Ava.

A war of words has erupted today between the A-list star had his model ex-wife. TMZ obtained court documents that have Pacheco claiming Renner was “coked up and drunk” one-night last year and threatened to kill her.

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She also recalls an incident the actor allegedly put a gun in his mouth, then removed it and fired a shot into the ceiling. Ava was reportedly in the house at the time.

Renner has denied all accusations against him in the court documents in a statement to TMZ. The Avengers: Endgame star insists Pacheco is still angry that the relationship ended and is looking for a payout.

He maintains he does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Renner is also declaring Pacheco is the one with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Pacheco is a 28-year-old Canadian actress and model. She grew up in a small city called Pitt Meadows, which is outside of Vancouver.

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The mother of one has appeared in The Wingman, and American Pie: Presents The Book of Love. She reportedly met her famous ex-husband on the set of Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but Pacheco is not in the movie credits on IMDB.

Renner’s ex-wife also dabbled in real estate for a little while. There is an Instagram account for her listing Pacheco as a relator at KW Beverly Hills in the bio section. It has been over three years since there was an active post on the account.

Based on her current Instagram page, it appears Pacheco has given up modeling and acting for sculpting. Her social media feed is full of her posing with her designs, many focusing on the female form in the nude.

“By combining the human form with the skulls of animals, each piece is a representation of her vision of strength, distress, torment, seductiveness, and servitude. Each piece is sculpted with clay- a therapeutic medium she’s worked with since pregnant with her daughter- giving her a malleable sense of storytelling that has helped shape her identity and the underlying identities of her pieces,” reads her profile on Saatchi Art website.

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Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco were married for less than a year in 2014. They cited irreconcilable differences as a reason for the divorce.

He didn’t even acknowledge he was marred until months after the wedding. The actor had worked to keep his personal life private, especially after Ava was born in 2013.

Up until September of this year, the exes had agreed to joint custody of their only child. Pacheco was first to file for sole custody, with Renner quickly counter filing for the same thing.

A court hearing is scheduled for November 7. The parents were ordered to attend child custody mediation before the hearing to see if the issue could be resolved before court.

The Jeremy Renner-Sonni Pacheco custody battle is getting out of hand

Jeremy Renner is in the middle of a very heated and messy custody battle.

The Oscar-nominated actor and Sonni Pacheco, the ex-wife with whom he shares a 6-year-old daughter, have been trading accusations via the court system.

Last month, Pacheco, a Canadian model and actress, asked in Los Angeles County Superior Court for sole custody of daughter Ava with monitored visits for Renner. In court documents obtained by The Times, the 28-year-old expressed concern over what she called Renner‘s “ongoing substance abuse,” citing alcohol and drugs.

Pacheco also alleges that Renner threatened to kill her in 2015 while he was drunk at a club and high on cocaine, later complaining that “he could not deal with [Sonni] anymore” and “just wanted to be gone.” The report also claims he once put a gun in his mouth, threatened to kill himself and recklessly fired a gun into his home’s ceiling while Ava was asleep in her bedroom.

According to the documents, a nanny claimed that Renner was often intoxicated and once left a bag of cocaine on a bathroom counter that Ava could reach.

But in court documents filed Monday, Renner denied the drug allegations, according to TMZ, noting that he’d submitted to spontaneous drug testing for three months to counter the accusations. “The Avengers” actor stated that his ex-wife made false claims because she wanted money and was upset that their relationship had ended, the outlet said.

Renner — who is known for protecting his privacy — also accused Pacheco of sending nude photos of him to their custody evaluator to humiliate him, according to TMZ, and questioned whether an obsession with sex made her an unfit mother.

Reps for Renner did not immediately respond to The Times’ request for comment Tuesday, but one told TMZ, “The well-being of his daughter, Ava, has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It’s important to note the dramatizations made in Sonni’s declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind.”

Pacheco filed for divorce from Renner in December 2014, less than a year after they were married in a secret ceremony. The following year, Superior Court Judge Michael Whitaker approved the couple’s joint custody of Ava, who was then 2. The settlement also called for Renner to pay Pacheco $13,000 monthly for child support.

Part of their agreement at the time was that neither Renner nor Pacheco would make derogatory comments about each other in front of their daughter and that they would work with a therapist to build a parenting plan.

Jeremy Renner tweets hot tub photo in the middle of bitter custody fight with ex-wife Sonni Pacheco|Daily Mail Online

Jeremy Renner tweeted to state he is ‘striving’ and shared a photograph of a jacuzzi on Twitter on Tuesday after his apparent threesomes and substance abuse were described in court files submitted as part of his bitter custody fight.

The Avengers star tweeted along with the picture of a hot tub: ‘Operating hard, hydrating, and relief!!! Ahhhh. #repeat enjoy your day everyone.’

It followed court documents filed by his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco’s alleged widespread sex with several people in his house and substance abuse while his six-year-old child, Ava, was in his care.

He has denied the accusations through his representatives and stated he is a loving parent.

Amongst claims made by Pacheco, to whom the star was married for less than a year in 2014, is that he as soon as had a threesome in his house after taking a hot tub with a female and a ‘shared buddy’.

Lily Faget, a pal of Renner’s, likewise said she had actually seen the star get drunk and take cocaine while Ava was in the house– and confessed to participating in a threesome with the star.

Scroll down for video

Jeremy Renner tweeted this picture on Tuesday hours after brand-new court documents emerged in which his threesomes and alleged substance abuse were explained

Renner, 48, is secured a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco

She declared that she had seen Renner pass out drunk during a celebration– only for Ava to come downstairs and begin requesting for her father.Faget stated in October 2018 she was drinking in Renner’s hot tub with him and a mutual buddy, and that the Avengers star was drunk.’At one point in the night, [

Renner] and my buddy and I went into Respondent’s music studio and the 3 people started making love,’ Faget wrote.’I left the studio(leaving my friend and [

Renner] in there )and saw [Ava’s nanny] Naomi sitting at the outside bar with a few males. All of an abrupt I saw Ava stroll into the living-room beside the bar, asking for [Renner] ‘Naomi stroked her up and left of the room. I

was so surprised that Ava was there and that no one informed me to be conscious that Ava was in your house. I returned into the music studio( where [Renner] had the music on very loud) and saw that [he] had actually lost consciousness. I needed to assist my good friend pull [his] pants up.’Previous baby-sitter Naomi Moore said the 48-year-old would get intoxicated every night and routinely toss loud celebrations that affected Ava’s sleep.She also witnessed an event in which he allegedly claimed to be self-destructive, put a weapon in his mouth and then fired it into

the ceiling when she left the room.Renner is visualized with his child Ava and ex-wife Sonni in December 2016, two years after they separated. The couple are now each fighting for sole custody Texts from one of two of Renner’s exes are shown above where he describes Ava Moore also stated she saw a string of ladies parade through your home, numerous of whom would speak with Ava, and a few of whom appeared to be

underage.She said that Renner’s supposed neglect of the child had actually led her to have

uncharacteristic tantrums when she couldn’t get his attention.Moore said she was ultimately fired by the star before being asked to return however decided she could not do so since

of the’harmful’relationship she had actually established with her former employer.All three went on to confide their issues to Pacheco– who was allegedly referred to as’my insane c *** of an ex’by Renner to Orford.Pacheco is now asking LA Superior Court to give her sole custody of their child, with Renner permitted just supervised visits.A Snapchat message sent out by Renner and seen by checks out:’Remarkable.

Love that a **. You ever done Molly [sic]’ He included:’May do some tonight ‘The Avengers star- who deserves a reported $50million-texted his baby-sitter to fire her, saying he might no longer manage her Renner’s ex-wife also submitted messages she got from people telling her he does drugs

while their daughter remains in the home In court papers filed on Friday, Pacheco claimed she had endured an ‘violent ‘marital relationship to Renner– triggered in part by his increasing alcohol consumption.She also declared that Renner had wished to get rid of her, informing a buddy in a bar last November that he ‘might not deal with her anymore, and he just wanted her

gone.’Pacheco also referenced the gun event, experienced by Moore and Faget, and implicated him of bringing a string of females to his home while their child was present.In the court documents, she stated her child had described ‘Tayler, Kelley, Natalie, Summer Season, Faith, Christina, Naz and Jessica’as visitors.Ex-girlfriend Carmen Orford (left)said she saw

him leave lines of cocaine on a restroom counter within Ava’s reach and left her without supervision for hours. Jeremy’s good friend Lily Faget (right)said she saw him take drug while Ava was in the house– and confessed to taking part in a threesome with the star Pacheco said he also when claimed Ava would be better with’ no moms and dads’than with her as a mother.Renner struck back in a counter-suit submitted the exact same day, in which he declared Pacheco is acting out of spite because she is bitter about their split.He said he does not abuse drugs or alcohol and says he even sent to random drug screening to show it.The 48-year-old likewise declared Pacheco utilized to

brag to friends about’ bagging an Avenger’and that she plans her attacks on him to correspond with the release of his films so that she gets the publicity.The star included that she was’obsessed ‘with demonizing him.Representatives for Renner have been approached for remark by and Pacheco married in 2014, a year after Ava was born. They separated the same

year and divorced in 2015. The previous couple negotiated a custody arrangement that saw Pacheco have Ava from Sunday afternoon to Thursday morning, while Renner has custody of the child the rest of the time.In addition, Renner pays $13,000 a month in kid support unless his annual income exceeds$2.3 m in which case, five percent goes to his ex.Any excess money enters into an account established for their child with the money due to be utilized for college costs, with anything left after that set to go to Ava once she turns 27. Renner told Playboy in 2015 that his time with his daughter is when he is happiest.’ When it’s Daddy and Ava time, that’s all I do,’ he stated.’You’re talking with a guy who’s really delighted in his

f *** ing flip-flops today with his little child in

her pajamas running around in your house, waiting for me.’

Jeremy Renner Supposedly Threatened to Kill Ex Sonni Pacheco

Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco’s marriage lasted just 10 months before they applied for divorce in 2014, with Pacheco mentioning “irreconcilable” distinctions between her and the Marvel star. Their custody battle over daughter Ava Berlin, now age 6, started quickly after, and intensified in September after Renner and Pacheco declared sole custody of their daughter. On Monday TMZ reported that Pacheco has filed brand-new files that describe a disturbing night where Renner, apparently “coked up and drunk,” thought about eliminating his other half and taking his own life.While Renner, through his role in the Avengers has actually starred in a few of the greatest earning movies, in the last couple of years, his most noteworthy press has actually concerned his continuous custody fight with Pacheco. According to TMZ, the legal files say that Renner got high at a club in November 2018, where he presumably”began speaking about eliminating Pacheco, informing someone he’could not deal with her any longer, and he simply wanted her gone.'” The episode, according to Pacheco’s claim, aligned with his history of substance, spoken, and emotional abuse. Past filings alluded to the actor’s expansive gun collection– which Sonni has claimed threaten ed their child. (Renner rejects the gun collection is harmful ). The filings, reports TMZ, mention more uncomfortable events, consisting of one where Pacheco alleges that Renner stuck a weapon in his mouth prior to firing a bullet into the ceiling– all while his child remained in the house.In a statement to TMZ, representatives for Renner claim Pacheco’s story is”dramatic “and”one-sided”:”The well-being of his child Ava has actually always been

and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It is essential to keep in mind the dramatizations made in Sonni’s declaration are a one-sided account made with a particular goal in mind.” Jezebel has reached out to Renner’s representatives and Disney/Marvel for comment, and will upgrade with their action when we hear back.(Representatives for Pacheco could not be instantly reached. )It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that in November 2014, amidst news of their divorce, E! reported that Pacheco asked the court to order Renner” instantly return (her )stolen passport, birth certificate, social security card and be limited from making more efforts to conceal.”Texts obtained by TMZ appear to show Renner stating that he had the documents and would just hand them over if Pacheco did what he demanded. In one exchange, Pacheco says she’ll file an authorities report if she does not get her belongings, and Renner responds, “I informed you the terms in which I can assist you.”In another, he states”I know how to protect myself. You drew first blood.”The texts TMZ gotten likewise state: Pacheco:”I’m being civil and do not desire to remain in this harmful relationship with you anymore? Since I have Ava’s benefit and took her out of the automobile today because you would not stop shouting in front of her. C’mon let’s be adults.Renner: Ha ha ha.Pacheco: We both deserve better so let’s set each other free.Renner: Ha ha ha. I have NO idea what you’re saying. But you’re funny.The current filing likewise claims that Renner was overheard by the baby-sitter threatening to kill his ex-wife due to the fact that,”It was much better that Ava had no moms and dads than to have [ Sonni] as a mother,”reports TMZ.

Harrison, Pacheco, Cooper and Michaud secure spots in PFL finals

One of the PFL’s biggest hooks, besides the $1 million first-place payday, was the fact that five of six divisions required fighters to win twice in one night of playoff action to clinch a spot in the finals.

That requirement and the quirks of the PFL’s playoff format and rule set loomed large on Friday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. Top-seeded Magomed Magomedkerimov was forced to drop out of the welterweight bracket after defeating Chris Curtis in the quarterfinals, meaning Curtis would step into his place in the semifinals. The only problem? Curtis retired between fights and had to scramble to get ready to fight Ray Cooper III.

Cooper won by KO and advanced to his second straight PFL final.

Curtis wasn’t the only fighter to retire on the night. After losing in the semifinals to David Michaud, top seed Glaico Franca retired and proposed to his girlfriend through the TV screen, all at once. Ultimately, it’ll be Cooper vs. Michaud, who came back from a 17-second knockout loss to Sadibou Sy to open the season and won three straight to qualify for the finals.

At women’s lightweight, Kayla Harrison took care of business with a scientific submission win over alternate Bobbi Jo Dalziel. On the other side of the bracket, top seed Sarah Kaufman was defeated by Brazil’s Larissa Pacheco in her semifinal fight, short-circuiting the anticipated star-studded final. Instead, there will be a rematch of the regular-season fight in which Harrison defeated Pacheco but cried afterward because she couldn’t finish the fight.

Let’s break down a wild night in Las Vegas.

This file was updated in real time.

Welterweight semifinal: No. 5 David Michaud def. No. 1 Glaico Franca by majority decision

It was a tough night for the No. 1 seed at welterweight. Franca took a beating earlier in the evening in a victory over Andre Fiahlo but made it to the semifinals — and the damage continued at the hands of Michaud. Franca got in his licks, especially in the grappling early, but as time wore on, he couldn’t stand up to the relentlessness of Michaud, who stalked him for three rounds and hurt him with punches and knees on several occasions.

Despite a one-two combo of a seemingly unintentional low-blow knee followed by a knee to the head that opened a cut on Michaud’s head, the damage only seemed to energize the eventual winner.

Two of the judges scored the fight 29-28 for Michaud, and the other saw it as a draw. Afterward, Franca announced his retirement, then made a bid for at least one victory on the evening: He preempted Michaud’s postfight interview for a moment as he publicly proposed to his girlfriend.

As for Michaud, he moves on to the New Year’s Eve final against Ray Cooper III.

Welterweight semifinal: No. 6 Ray Cooper III def. No. 7 Chris Curtis by second-round KO

Some fighters might have been thrown off, but not Ray Cooper III.

Cooper knew a win earlier in the night would bring him back to the cage. He also knew that if the bracket fell right, he would be stepping in for the rematch with Magomed Magomedkerimov that he had craved since Magomedkerimov defeated him in last year’s $1 million PFL welterweight final.

The bracket went the way Cooper had been hoping … until it didn’t. He won his first fight of the night, and so did Magomedkerimov, setting up the rematch. But then Magomedkerimov was unable to come back and fight, and he was pulled from the semifinal. He was replaced by Chris Curtis, whom he’d beaten earlier in the evening. Curtis, for his part, had left his gloves in the center of the cage as a sign that he was retiring and then confirmed it with a post on Instagram.

Cooper (19-7) took it all in stride, and Curtis (21-7), to his credit, came to fight. In fact, he showed more life in his second bout than he had against Magomedkerimov. But Cooper is a dangerous man, and when Cooper’s right hand caught up with Curtis’ chin, it did so in a big way. The monstrous punch, just 11 seconds into Round 2, sent Curtis back into retirement, bouncing his head off the mat and flattening him along the way.

Women’s lightweight semifinal: No. 2 Kayla Harrison def. No. 5 Bobbi Jo Dalziel by first-round submission (armbar)

Harrison showed everyone on Friday’s card a thing or two with the most decisive finish of the night. Even though she needed to fight only once to gain a spot in the New Year’s Eve women’s lightweight final, Harrison showed what was lacking for most of the night among the two-fights-in-one-night welterweight men. She sustained zero damage after seizing advantage in the opening seconds, getting an immediate takedown and never allowing Dalziel to get back into the fight.

Dalziel (5-2), a late replacement for Genah Fabian, managed to climb to her feet briefly, only to once again get taken to the canvas. From there, Harrison (6-0) used her Olympic judo to quickly yet patiently work for an armbar. The tap out came at 3:32 of Round 1 and sent the second-seeded Harrison to a rematch with Larissa Pacheco, whom she defeated by unanimous decision in May.

Women’s lightweight semifinal: No. 1 Sarah Kaufman vs. No. 4 Larissa Pacheco

The first semifinal of the night provided the first significant upset of the PFL playoffs, as Pacheco proved to be too much for the top-seeded Kaufman.

Pacheco, who cut weight to make the 155-pound lightweight limit, was bigger and stronger than Kaufman, who fought at 135 pounds for all of her 13-year career before opting into this $1 million chase in the PFL. It wasn’t simply size that got the job done for fourth-seeded Pacheco (12-3), though. She was the better striker from distance, and that showed on Kaufman’s face, which by Round 2 was as red as her PFL fighter kit.

Kaufman (21-5) kept coming forward and landed the occasional solid punch, but Pacheco slipped a lot of Kaufman’s offense with footwork and head movement, and she always had a counter-strike. When Pacheco took the fight to the canvas, she kept it there. The judges scored the fight 30-27, 30-27 and 30-28, all for the 25-year-old Brazilian, who advances to the Dec. 31 finale.

Welterweight quarterfinal: No. 5 David Michaud def. No. 4 John Howard by unanimous decision

This fight got going with an early exchange of punches, which ended with Howard landing a solid right hook that sent Michaud moving backward. It was clear at that point that he didn’t want any of the “Doomsday” power, so the next time Michaud advanced, he did so in pursuit of a takedown. He got it, and that put Michaud in control for the rest of Round 1.

But Howard (28-16-1), the No. 4 seed, had an answer for the wrestling in the second. He scored a couple of takedowns of his own — one on a big slam — and fended off Michaud’s clinch offense. Howard also landed several good punches and had fifth-seeded Michaud (17-5) on his heels, looking to clinch again. When it ended, it looked like a Howard round, evening the score. But all of the judges scored both rounds for Michaud (20-18, 20-18, 20-18), who moved on to the semifinal against No. 1 seed Glaico Franca.

Welterweight quarterfinal: No. 2 Magomed Magomedkerimov def. No. 7 Chris Curtis by unanimous decision

Magomedkerimov deployed a strategy befitting a returning champion by winning his first fight of the night while absorbing little damage. He did this by keeping his focus on another “D”: distance. The No. 2 seed kept the fight where he needed it to be to succeed against the boxing-heavy Curtis (21-7). At times he kept it on the outside, where his footwork and jabs kept him safe, and at other points in the fight, Magomedkerimov closed distance to smother his opponent’s weapons.

This was a rematch of a fight in July, also won by Magomedkerimov, who took a decision the first time around, despite breaking his hand early. He is healthy now, and he kept it that way in his opening fight of the night, winning both rounds on all scorecards, with one judge penciling in a 20-17 score. The win would have set up a semifinal bout against Cooper, whom he defeated in last season’s PFL final to secure the $1 million first-place prize.

Later in the night, Magomedkerimov was unable to continue, so Curtis took his place in the semifinal round against Cooper.

Welterweight quarterfinal: No. 1 Glaico Franca def. No. 8 Andre Fialho by majority decision

Franca, the No. 1 seed, had some perilous moments at the start of Round 2, wobbled by a punch that sent him into survival-mode retreat. Fialho, seeded eighth, followed in pursuit and landed several crisp punches, a few of which snapped back Franca’s head, but ultimately, there was no finishing blow in the attack.

After 30 seconds of trouble, Franca turned things around by rushing in for a takedown, which provided him the respite he needed to clear his head and a controlling position to help earn him back the round.

At least, that’s the way two judges saw it, as a pair of scorecards gave Franca (22-5) a 20-18 sweep over Fialho (10-3). The other judge scored the bout a 19-19 draw. That was enough for the top seed to move on to the semifinals.

Welterweight quarterfinal: No. 6 Ray Cooper III def. No. 3 Sadibou Sy by judges’ decision (majority draw, all three judges picked Cooper)

And so the playoffs began … and boy, did they ever get off to a high-energy start. Cooper and Sy got after it right from the start, until Sy landed a kick midway through the first round that slowed Cooper (18-7-1) for a beat. Then the Hawai’ian resumed his surge forward, as he is wont to do. He dropped Sy (8-5-2), let loose a flurry trying to finish and then settled for taking control on the mat.

Before the round was over, Sy managed to get back to his feet, and he proceeded to drop Cooper and swarm him with punches before the bell. It was a tough round to score, but one thing was not in dispute: Both guys took more damage than one would want to absorb on a night when you hope to be fighting again.

Round 2 brought more damage to Cooper, as Sy landed several sapping knees to the body. One got Cooper in the groin and brought a pause in the action that served both tired fighters. But from that point on, neither man made the clearest case to distinguish himself from the other.

That was reflected in the judges’ scorecards, as the judges called the bout a majority draw (though no scores were announced). Ultimately, they sent Cooper — bloodied face and all — to the semifinals.

Showcase (non-playoff) fight: Nikolay Aleksakhin def. Jesse Ronson by first-round TKO (welterweight)

Aleksakhin and Ronson each gave as much as he took early, as the fight, a welterweight showcase, was being contested at distance. But when they engaged in a clinch midway through the first round, the Russian landed a knee to the body that spelled the end.

Ronson (20-10) crumbled to the mat, and Aleksakhin (25-5) pounced with a lightning flurry of lefts and rights until the referee pulled him away at 3:37 of the round, stopping the fight. With a victory in his pocket, the 28-year-old Aleksakhin got to sit back and do some scouting as the 170-pound playoff bouts followed. Aleksakhin will compete in the 2020 PFL season.

Showcase (non-playoff) fight: Brendan Loughnane def. Matt Wagy by unanimous decision (featherweight)

The big takeaway from Loughnane’s PFL debut: He didn’t attempt a takedown until Round 3, and neither of the two he landed did a thing for him. Judge for yourself whether he learned his lesson from his previous fight, a lopsided June victory on Dana White’s Contender Series that did not get him a UFC contract because White hated seeing him go for a takedown late in a fight he was winning big.

But that didn’t stop the PFL from signing the 29-year-old British featherweight for the 2020 season. In this card-opening showcase fight, Loughnane (18-3) looked just fine on his feet. His legs were his best friend, with his footwork and kicks to the body and legs keeping Wagy (13-7) out of range the whole way. The judges scored it 30-26, 30-27, 30-27.