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RIGHT UP THE ANUS – Gmod Escape PedoBear

Hey There, I’m your friendly neighborhood gaming playing, GamingHT and today I’m joined by IrregularJoe and Charisma_Cosplay to try and Escape Pedo Bear and his buddy Spandex. This will be hard. Very hard.

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A Very Corgi Christmas (2019) – Official Trailer (HD)

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A heartwarming and Corgi-riffic holiday tale from the writer/director of Country Crush!

Lauren (Kelly Kruger, The Young And The Restless) is a single mom and workaholic who is finally spending the holidays with her son at her childhood home. All she wants for Christmas is time to work on nabbing a big promotion, but her plans are interrupted when she meets Ben (Kevin McGarry, When Calls The Heart, Heartland), a single dad with a lively Christmas spirit. Ben needs Lauren’s help in keeping a secret from his daughter — a very special Christmas gift in the shape of an adorable Corgi puppy! As Lauren and Ben spend more time together, she rediscovers the importance of family and spending time with the people you love.

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CORGI’S 2019 Halloween

This video is about how Rye spent the month of October celebrating Halloween as Winnie the Pooh.

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Corgi Puppy Trys New Treats| Chewy Haul

My Corgi puppy Ellie has been trying so many new things lately. Check out her favorite treats from chewy.com

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[teaser] 도기코기 시즌2 티저 예고편 Doggie Corgi

12월 도기코기가 여러분 곁으로 찾아갑니다!

길 잃은 강아지 Doggie Corgi 하지만, 함께라면 괜찮아!
코기와 친구들의 귀엽고 사랑스러운 일상을 보며 멍-때리다 보면, 진짜로 괜찮아질지도 몰라요 ♥

도기코기는 처음과 끝 장면이 똑같아서 계~속 반복되는 루핑 애니메이션이에요!
마음이 따뜻해질때 까지 계속 봐주셔도 괜찮아요 🙂

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10 Sploot-worthy Holiday Gift Ideas For Corgi Lovers

Funny shooting of cute red and white corgi laying on the sofa and wearing Santa Claus costume. New year or Christmas tree lights background

(Picture Credit: Ирина Мещерякова/Getty Images)

The holidays are on the way, and there’s still time to get the perfect gift for the Corgi lover in your life.

Corgis are the adorable, splooting, fluffy-booty-having dogs who are too cute for the internet to resist. They may be the dogs of choice for the Queen of England, but their silly, non-royal antics have plenty of us common folk absolutely obsessed, too.

If you have a friend or family member who has the Corgi fever, treat them to a gift that will help them let their Corgi flag fly. Here are ten gift ideas that will have Corgi lovers shaking their fluffy booties for joy.

1. Corgi Slippers

If you have Corgis on the brain, why not have them on your feet, too? These Corgi slippers are perfect for keeping your paws nice and toasty around the house.

2. Corgi Coloring Book

Combine the relaxation of coloring with the joy of Corgis! This coloring book featuring Scamp the Corgi on fun adventures is great for kids and adults who want to keep it chill.

3. Corgi Butt Car Neck Pillow

Is there anything in the world fluffier than a Corgi booty? The soft feeling of a Corgi butt on your neck is sure to reduce soreness and road rage when you’re behind the wheel.

4. Corgi Plant Holder

Plants give us the oxygen we need to survive, so the least we can do is give them a cute place to live and grow. This Corgi plant holder will give your tiny plant an adorable home that’ll keep it pooping out air for years to come!

5. Splooting Corgi Magnets

Corgis are the best at splooting. Honor their hilarious way of relaxing every time you hang a report card, school photo, or tax return on your fridge with these splooting Corgi magnets!

6. Corgi Cookie Cutter

Humans deserve treats, too. With a Corgi cookie cutter, you can make delicious desserts that feature your favorite canines. Share the cookies with someone you love or gobble them up all by yourself. Like a Corgi, we won’t judge!

7. Corgi Butt Mouse Pad

Surfing the internet for Corgi pictures and memes can be “ruff” on the wrists. This mouse pad will let you browse for hours while being protected from your hard desk by a soft Corgi booty barrier.

8. Funny Corgi Security Shirt

Corgis aren’t the best watchdogs in the world, but they are definitely good at knowing when food is around. This funny “Corgi Security” shirt will put a smile on your Corgi-loving friends’ faces!

9. Corgi Xbox Controller Decal

Corgis don’t play video games, but they’re happy to curl up with you while you mash buttons. You’re always playing multiplayer if your Corgi is around, so show off your Corgi love with this decal for an Xbox controller!

10. “Corki” Wine Stopper

Sometimes you just can’t finish the whole bottle. This cute “Corki” bottle stopper will help keep your wine fresh for the next time you cuddle up with a glass and a sweet Corgi buddy for a quiet evening in.

What other Corgi gift ideas would you recommend for the holidays? Would you love to get a Corgi-themed gift this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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