Time Travelers – VR Project

University project mixing 2D animation in a 3D virtual reality world.

Music done by Killian Le Quéré.

Programming : Thomas Lopez.
Character, art and project belong to me, do not use, steal or edit.

Super spy Agent F.O.X. arrives in Carrot Town | Full movies in English

Super spy Agent F.O.X. arrives in Carrot Town intending to complete one objective, which is to infiltrate the community of friendly rabbits and locate a mysterious artifact. The mission goes awry, however, when the secret agent is mistaken for a distant cousin.
AGENT F.O.X. (Shannon Settlemyre) is sent to Carrot Town to find a lost artifact, the guardian amulet, in a town full of bunnies. When he’s discovered, the residents confuse him for a long-tail rabbit, and he pretends to have lost his memory so he can stay and look for the amulet. As he learns lessons from the Elder (Anthony Yeager), makes friends with Princess Bunny (Ashley Bril) and shares his invention skills with the town, Agent F.O.X. (aka Long Tail) must continue to hunt for the guardian amulet. Meanwhile, Buggy (Matthew Warzel), the resident macho bunny, begins to suspect that Long Tail isn’t who he says he is.
Although the concept of Agent F.O.X. is cute and has some fun details, something seems to get lost in translation. There are plot points and lines of dialogue that don’t make sense, which will probably be confusing to both kids and adults. The animation is very jerky and choppy, which gets a bit tiring after a while. And the voice acting sounds a bit overdone and awkward, which is probably mostly due to being translated from the original Chinese to English.

Kids will probably enjoy the different inventions created by Long Tail and leftover from the Great Inventor, but they may find the plot somewhat boring and confusing. The insistence on learning the town rules throughout the movie is especially bland and baffling, even though it’s eventually explained. Parents will probably appreciate the fairly clean content, though some may not appreciate the number of times characters get hit in the head with stuff.

**Parents need to know that Agent F.O.X. is an animated animal adventure from China that has been overdubbed in English. The adventure tale about a secret agent is geared toward young kids and is fairly clean, though it does have a few scenes showing characters in peril that may be a bit scary for very young children. There’s also a bit of silly slapstick violence, with a lot of characters getting hit on the head with falling objects.

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Just some friendly advice from someone thats lived with corgis for 3-ish years!
Keep in mind im not a vet or any kind of animal professional. So what works for my dogs may not work with your dogs!

I am a certified personal trainer.
I own an apparel company with my husband called Iron Culture Society.
I post videos about lifting, food, my corgis, travels, and sometimes hair/makeup!

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Stella Closes Her Ear

Stella please don’t close your ear at me. We talked about this… Stella?

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SML Fanmade: The Brain Switcher (Season 1 Episode 6a (FT caloricleader9 as Arthur, Ernie & Big Bird)

(for PixarYesDoraNoProductions & caloricleader9) Everyone goes to the Science Exibit. But a scary thing happens when all of the students and Arthur’s brains get switched. When a storm arrives, everyone goes back to take the test. Grover gets caught cheating, and Cookie Monster eats the test, and they both get in trouble. Cookie Monster recieves a time-out, while Grover recieves detention and Saturday school.