SPLOOT! the purple stuff shoots.

This is the introductory video of the hydro-pneumatonizor. The first solution.

Instant replay: not quite frame by frame.

holy hemoglobin
I ruined the fake blood! Fiddlesticks, Macklobvan. It looks like it’s never been exposed to oxygen! How appropriate.

Sploot on faker aka blue heman.

omg. what is this guy? His name is faker. and now he’s on youtube

It’s some sort of poisoned prince adams, given poison of snake mountain. No it’s a robot clone. Facial recognition…

How My Corgi Saved My Life

Happy National Dog Day everyone!! 🙂 In honor of this day, I wanted to discuss what wonders it has been to have my corgi, Bear, be by my side through all of these years. To help me with all of my depression and anxiety…to save my life. Go hug your dog for me 🙂

#1923196 – animated, artist:anontheanon, artist:jargon scott, bouncing, funny, lyra heartstrings, not salmon, pony, prone, safe, silly, silly pony, sploot, unicorn, wat – Derpibooru – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Imageboard

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