Ep 212: We need a house!!


In the previous vlog, i talk briefly about my marriage plans. In this vlog, I rant about the difficulty in getting a house. I wonder if it is as difficult to get an apartment in other countries!! Jon and I are nearly at our wits end. Jon is now hoping to apply for one in the east in november during the new launch. We shall see how nearing the date. AHHHHH ARGHHH where is our house!!!!

Today’s Vlog:
– Chilling in the toilet LOL?!
– Table tennis with the peeps
– Korean food oh yeah!
– Yuki SPLOOTS!!!
– Quote of the day!
– Nyam Nyam
– We need a house!!!!!

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ADORABLE Corgi Puppy is SO SMART!! Piper in Training

Meet Piper! Piper is available through our unique and amazing Puppy Training Program. Piper is adorably cute and so sweet. She is intelligent and she is progressing well through our 8 week program. Piper is currently working on basic obedience, kennel/potty training, leash training, and socialization with people (including small children) and other dogs. For more information on our training program or to see our current and available puppies in training, check out our website at:


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Here are some of our favorite dry kibble dog foods. We may pick a specific dog food for a specific dog so that is why there are multiple brands:

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He-Man in Save The Castle

Save the Castle
He-Man and the other Heroic Masters of the Universe are in battle with Skeletor and his troops.
As the battle rages on, Faker goes to Castle Grayskull to try to gain entrance. The castle is not fooled by Faker and calls to He-Man for help.
He-Man races to the castle on Battle Cat, beats the evil robot of Skeletor (Faker) then activates the jaw bridge with his magic sword to open it. 
Once entering He-Man is thanked for his heroic deed


We met a dog named Sicko Mode today!

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“Keep on Going” – Joakim Karud (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PResyle7QA)

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