Composing a Doctoral (PhD) Argumentation– Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD

As I published on Twitter in mid-May 2018, I have actually been checking out a great deal of books that focus on how to compose a doctoral dissertation. I already have mine and I have actually already had doctoral trainees finished, however I strongly believe that everyone can discover a brand-new lesson on how to end up being a better PhD advisor.

I have students in all three stages (pre-proposal/coursework, post-proposal/fieldwork, and close to ending up) and hence I wished to get a handle on the literature out there. This page is meant to save all the article that summarize my reading notes for books on how to compose a doctoral argumentation.

#PhDChat PhD trainees: you’re in luck, because for the next couple of weeks, my Reading Notes and book live-tweets will be on books on how to write a doctoral dissertation. I am doing this since I have PhD students at all 3 stages of the process.

— Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega (@raulpacheco) Might 10, 2018

I will continue to keep them in my Reading Notes of Books however I figured this page would make it easier for doctoral prospects to read them all in one place.

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Berdahl, Loleen and Malloy, Jonathan (2018) “Work Your Profession: Get What You Desire from Your Social Sciences or Liberal Arts PhD.” University of Toronto Press.

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