Funny Genji Cat – All Comics Compilation | Overwatch Comic Dub (ft. HamletVA)

Living with Genji Cat isn’t easy. He just needs so much healing. Can Angela handle him?

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Artist of the Comic:

☆r0swell as Mercy
☆MGame as Lucio
☆Morti as Torbjörn
☆SaltyWidow as Symmetra
☆Hamlet as Ana
☆Milsta as Zarya Bear
☆Mattview72 as Reinhardt
☆YamYam as Zenyatta
☆Sicspoti as Trash Sombra
☆GolddenEyes as Mercy 2
Me as Genji Cat
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“Scheming Weasel (faster version)”, “Investigations”, “Hidden Agenda” and “Professor Umlaut” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

#comicdub #Genjicat #overwatch
I’ve got the permission of every artist to use their content for dubbing. [Derivative Work] If there may be an error or misunderstanding, please contact me on Discord, Tumblr or Email.
Please do not reupload anything without my permission.
Check out the voice actors and the comic artists and give them some love.
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