Gov. Brown Talks Health Care, 4 Terms in Office – NBC Southern California

In a meandering question-and-answer session with press reporters and Brown family biographer, Miriam Pawel, Brown showed on his period, defended significant facilities projects and talked about the problems of waging a presidential campaign.Brown, 80, was chosen in 1974 at age 36 and served for 8 years, then chose once again in 2011 for two more terms. Both jobs are bogged down in environmental and other claims and will not be finished prior to Brown leaves office.The cost of high-speed rail is now approximated at$ 77 billion and the state lacks the money to develop a tunnel under the Pacheco Pass for a sector of the train from the Central Valley to San Francisco. In his characteristic design, Brown chafed when asked about his proudest achievement, saying he chooses to look ahead and keep working.

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