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Jeremy Renner tweeted to say he is ‘working hard’ and shared a photograph of a hot tub on Twitter on Tuesday after his apparent threesomes and drug abuse were described in court documents filed as part of his bitter custody battle. 

The Avengers star tweeted along with the photograph of a hot tub: ‘Working hard, hydrating, and relief!!! Ahhhh. #repeat enjoy your day everyone.’ 

It came after court documents filed by his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco’s alleged rampant sex with multiple people in his home and drug abuse while his six-year-old daughter, Ava, was in his care. 

He has denied the allegations through his representatives and said he is a loving parent.  

Among claims made by Pacheco, to whom the star was married for less than a year in 2014, is that he once had a threesome in his home after taking a hot tub with a woman and a ‘mutual friend’. 

Lily Faget, a friend of Renner’s, also said she had seen the star get drunk and take cocaine while Ava was in the house – and admitted to taking part in a threesome with the star. 

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Jeremy Renner tweeted this photo on Tuesday hours after new court documents emerged in which his threesomes and alleged drug abuse were described

Renner, 48, is locked in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco 

She claimed that she had seen Renner pass out drunk during a party – only for Ava to come downstairs and start asking for her father.

Faget said in October 2018 she was drinking in Renner’s hot tub with him and a mutual friend, and that the Avengers star was drunk.

‘At one point in the night, [Renner] and my friend and I went into Respondent’s music studio and the three of us started having sex,’ Faget wrote.

‘I left the studio (leaving my friend and [Renner] in there) and saw [Ava’s nanny] Naomi sitting at the outside bar with a few men. All of a sudden I saw Ava walk into the living room next to the bar, asking for [Renner].

‘Naomi swooped her up and walked out of the room. I was so shocked that Ava was there and that no one told me to be mindful that Ava was in the house. I went back into the music studio (where [Renner] had the music on very loud) and saw that [he] had passed out. I had to help my friend pull [his] pants up.’

Former nanny Naomi Moore said the 48-year-old would get drunk every night and routinely throw loud parties that affected Ava’s sleep.

She also witnessed an incident in which he allegedly claimed to be suicidal, put a gun in his mouth and then fired it into the ceiling when she left the room.

Renner is pictured with his daughter Ava and ex-wife Sonni in December 2016, two years after they separated. The couple are now each fighting for sole custody 

Texts from one of two of Renner’s exes are shown above where he refers to Ava 

Moore also said she saw a string of women parade through the house, many of whom would talk to Ava, and some of whom appeared to be underage.

She said that Renner’s alleged neglect of the child had led her to have uncharacteristic tantrums when she couldn’t get his attention.

Moore said she was eventually fired by the star before being asked to return but decided she couldn’t do so because of the ‘toxic’ relationship she had developed with her former employer.

All three went on to confide their concerns to Pacheco – who was allegedly described as ‘my crazy c*** of an ex’ by Renner to Orford.

Pacheco is now asking LA Superior Court to grant her sole custody of their daughter, with Renner permitted only supervised visits.

A Snapchat message sent by Renner and seen by reads: ‘Amazing. Love that a**. You ever done Molly [sic]?’ He added: ‘May do some tonight’

The Avengers star – who is worth a reported $50million – texted his nanny to fire her, saying he could no longer afford her 

Renner’s ex-wife also submitted messages she received from people telling her he does drugs while their daughter is in the home 

In court papers filed on Friday, Pacheco claimed she had endured an ‘abusive’ marriage to Renner – caused in part by his increasing alcohol consumption.

She also claimed that Renner had wanted to get rid of her, telling a friend in a nightclub last November that he ‘could not deal with her anymore, and he just wanted her gone.’

Pacheco also referenced the gun incident, witnessed by Moore and Faget, and accused him of bringing a string of women to his home while their daughter was present.

In the court papers, she said her daughter had referred to ‘Tayler, Kelley, Natalie, Summer, Faith, Christina, Naz and Jessica’ as visitors.

Ex-girlfriend Carmen Orford (left) said she saw him leave lines of cocaine on a bathroom counter within Ava’s reach and left her unsupervised for hours. Jeremy’s friend Lily Faget (right) said she saw him take cocaine while Ava was in the house – and admitted to taking part in a threesome with the star

Pacheco said he also once claimed Ava would be better with ‘no parents’ than with her as a mother.

Renner hit back in a counter-suit filed the same day, in which he claimed Pacheco is acting out of spite because she is bitter about their split.

He said he does not abuse drugs or alcohol and says he even submitted to random drug testing to prove it.

The 48-year-old also claimed Pacheco used to brag to friends about ‘bagging an Avenger’ and that she plans her attacks on him to coincide with the release of his movies so that she gets the publicity.

The star added that she was ‘obsessed’ with demonizing him.

Representatives for Renner have been approached for comment by

Renner and Pacheco married in 2014, a year after Ava was born. They separated the same year and divorced in 2015.

The former couple negotiated a custody agreement that saw Pacheco have Ava from Sunday afternoon to Thursday morning, while Renner has custody of the child the rest of the time.

In addition, Renner pays $13,000 a month in child support unless his yearly income exceeds $2.3m in which case, five percent goes to his ex.

Any excess cash goes into an account set up for their daughter with the money due to be used for college fees, with anything left after that set to go to Ava once she turns 27.

Renner told Playboy in 2015 that his time with his daughter is when he is happiest. ‘When it’s Daddy and Ava time, that’s all I do,’ he said.

‘You’re talking to a guy who’s really happy in his f***ing flip-flops right now with his little daughter in her pajamas running around in the house, waiting for me.’ 

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