Leesburg man charged in multi-state child exploitation operation

Leesburg guy charged in multi-state kid exploitation operation

Karl K. Strenth, Jr. (Source: Lee County Sheriff's Office) Karl K. Strenth, Jr. (Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Workplace )LEESBURG, GA(WALB)-A Leesburg guy has been charged as part of a multi-state investigation that focused on persons who possess and disperse child pornography and those who are sexually exploiting kids in other methods using technology and the internet.According to the Georgia Bureau of Examination, Karl K. Strenth, Jr., 28, of Leesburg, is among 76 people that are in custody and facing charges as part of Operation Southern Impact II.On 03/14/18, Detectives with the Lee County Constable’s Office, Georgia Bureau of Examination, and the Department of Community Guidance executed a search warrant on an address in Lee County leading to the arrest of a registered sex wrongdoer, Karl Kevin Strenth Jr. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Unique Victims Unit, who are also affiliates with the GBI Web Crimes Versus Kid Task Force, investigated the accusation of sexual exploitation of children resulting in the arrest of Karl Kevin Strenth Jr. Added fees are upcoming. – Sergeant Matthew Pearce with the Lee County Constable’s Office

The operation was coordinated between eight states consisting of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Detectives targeted those seeking out and dispersing the most violent child porn involving infants and toddlers.During Operation

Southern Impact II 13 children were saved or recognized as victims.The Commanders of the Web Crimes Against Children Job Forces in these states wished to reinforce to those who make use of kids that the ICAC Task Forces will work together to make an impact in their particular states and the region as a whole. The cooperation amongst agencies and among states shows their level of dedication to identify, apprehend, and prosecute kid predators. Cooperation is always crucial in law enforcement, however it is never more important than when we set out to protect children. Operation Southern Impact II has given us a chance to share our experience, details, and resources across units, firms, and state lines, to ensure that there is no safe place to hide for criminals who would prey on the most vulnerable among us.The GBI said that of the 76 arrests, 34 individuals were detained in Georgia and that much of those arrests involved possession and/or circulation of child porn. Six of those arrested in Georgia traveled for the purpose of conference and having sex with a small. One arrest in Georgia included”sextortion”which is pattern including topics that acquire raunchy images of minors and then threaten or blackmail the victim for extra obscene images or videos, according to the GBI.Eight(8) signed up sex culprits were experienced in Georgia, during the course of this operation, 4(4)of those transgressors were charged with brand-new criminal offenses connected to child pornography while the others were charged with various compliance offenses. There was an extra subject who had an arrest for a prior sex offense but was not a registered sex culprit. At least one foster moms and dad with children was jailed. There were likewise searches performed where weapons were discovered and unlawful drugs were discovered.The GBI said that detectives found circumstances in which those detained had no prior criminal history, were operating in positions of trust or tasks where interaction with kids is common.Below is a list of those jailed as a direct outcome of Operation Southern Effect II and their occupation if it was available to investigators: Wesley Bunker, 27, Rome, GA, retail shop staff member Tony Burton, 52, B/M, Lawrenceville, GA, jobless Eric A. Burgess, 17, Suwannee, GA, student Jason R. Money, 34, Monroe, GA, electrical contractor Anthony L. Crane, 39, Cartersville, GA, building and construction worker Jeffery Declouet, 46, Suwannee, GA, IT support staff member Mark D. Motorist, 36, Fort Valley, GA, truck stop employee Kyam Forsyth, 25, Eatonton, GA, unemployed Costs E. Garner, 54, Resaca, GA, jobless John

  • Garrett, 62, Roswell, GA, former manager of
  • business bus service John P. Hart, Jr., 63,
  • Sandersville, GA, out of work Aaron C. Helton, 36, Adairsville, GA, unidentified Bryan E. Holloway,
  • 45, Winston, GA, truck chauffeur Mark Horn
  • , 31, Dallas, GA, occupation training
  • non-profit worker Gordon L. Ingebritsen, 53, Duluth
  • , GA, unemployed
  • Shawn M. Kemp, 31, Cedartown, GA, postal staff member Nicholas Knight, 29, Dublin, GA, unemployed Jeffery Lance, 26, Silver,
  • Creek, GA, school board employee/church youth director Donald Allen McFall, 31, Columbus, GA,
  • unemployed Stephen McGatha, 49, Cedartown, GA, unknown John Clark Miller,
  • 57, Winder, GA, glass business professional Jonathan Okelly, 37, Douglasville, GA, unknown Andrew Orr, 34, Marietta, GA, part-time truck Daniel Pacheco, 27, H/M, Tucker, GA, video jockey Hershell Kyle Pirkle, age 29, restaurant employee Eric Wolfgang Rauth, 35, Elgin, Illinois,
  • unidentified Benjamin F. Smith, 41, Byron, GA, civilian staff member at AFB Bryan F. Stisher, 35, Roswell, GA, online tutor Karl K. Strenth, Jr., 28, Leesburg, GA, unknown Thomas C. Toler, 54, St. Mary’s, GA
  • , human resources Darren Alan Vincent, 47,
  • Trion, GA, manufacturing employee 3 other individuals, all from Valdosta, were also detained not straight associated to child pornography but rather as an outcome of the investigative actions taken during Operation Southern Effect
  • II: Darlene Johnson, 49, Valdosta, GA, jobless Michael Thor, 45, Valdosta, GA, unemployed Stephon B. Gary, 31, Valdosta, GA, out of work In total, 38
  • search warrants and 12 knock and talks were performed in Georgia during Operation Southern Impact II.An 11 years of age Albany girl’s dream became a reality thanks to the neighborhood, Saturday. Calyn Kendrick suffers with a life-threatening brain growth. Her dream was to be famous. Make A Desire Georgia made it occur with a disappearing red carpet celebration as she gets ready for a journey to Disney World. An 11 year old Albany

    woman’s dream came real thanks to the community, Saturday. Calyn Kendrick experiences a dangerous brain growth. Her desire

    • was to be famous. Make A Desire Georgia made it occur with a disappearing red carpet celebration as she gets ready for a trip to Disney World.

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