Santa Clara Valley Water District may fund Delta tunnels

In a significant reversal of its stance just six months earlier, Silicon Valley’s largest water district has actually set up a vote Wednesday on a strategy to commit up to $650 million to Gov. Jerry Brown’s controversial proposal to construct two enormous tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.The shift comes

amid concerns over whether the Santa Clara Valley Water District struck an offer with the Brown administration to support the tunnels prepare in exchange for the state moneying a new dam that the San Jose-based company desires to construct near Pacheco Pass.Brown’s tunnels

job — one of his two legacy projects along with high-speed rail– aims to make it much easier to move water south.In February, the staff of the California Water Commission, whose 9 members are selected by the governor, suggested versus moneying the Pacheco dam task. Last week, however, after authorities from the water district held discussions with the Brown administration on the tunnels, the water commission’s personnel advised the complete$485 million in financing for the Pacheco project that the water district had actually been seeking.Dick Santos, chairman of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, stated Friday that he isn’t sure whether he will support the district funding the tunnels.”It is interesting to note that Santa Clara’s renewed interest is at the exact same time that the governor’s water commission has actually just identified that Santa Clara is eligible to get $485 million to build a brand-new dam,”stated Jonas Minton, senior water policy advisor at the Planning and Preservation League, a Sacramento environmental group.

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