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There was a sharp conversation brought on by the entrance of the cameras without the mirror into the marketplace, also as referred to as “mirrorless” or “CSC”. Perhaps not so much by the absence of the discussed mirror, as by the replacement of the necessary optical viewfinder with the enhanced electronic viewfinder. It can not be rejected that this argument wouldn’t have been that controversial, if it were not for the standard brand names still understanding at the mirror and the optical viewfinder, on the other hand the emergent or minority brand names have embraced the electronic viewfinder and the “mirrorless” concept as a brand-new requirement with no way back.But let’s

stop this limitless and pointless conversation and speak with the question– why the professional who each year produces 200.000 pictures, around 10 videos and journeys to 12 nations sides with the “mirror less” video cameras?

1.– Because of the decrease of the mechanical elements

For someone like me who releases around 200.000 pictures per year, going without such a mechanical component as a mirror plainly reduces the opportunities of cam failure during the work. Also, and this is extremely important, while eliminating the mirror struck on each shot, we reduce the possibility of that the picture will appear shivering, something that takes place frequently while shooting at sluggish speeds, and in my case it’s generally.
However with the brand-new Sony A7s I can go even more, quickly deactivating through the menu the mechanical shutter, entering a definitely electronic mode, preventing another mechanical movement and extending therefore the helpful life of my cameras.2.

— Because I think that electrical viewfinder is a benefit

My work is divided into photography and video almost by 50%, so the optical viewfinder is an excellent deterrent for me. Let me describe why.
If you utilized your DSLR cam once for the video recording, you’ve experienced the issue of not being able to check out the optical viewfinder (the one you admire a lot) as triggering the live view the mirror turns up totally nullifying the pointed out viewfinder. If you are in an interior it might not be a huge offer, however if you remain in the exterior with a great deal of light you’ve seen that it’s difficult to frame well, harder to focus properly on the small screen of your DSLR, which has almost become a mirror for the light. The solution is to purchase an electronic viewfinder like Zacuto, which costs 1000$ and is nearly as huge as your DSLR.
Well, this does not occur with the video cameras without the mirror, as our electronic viewfinder offers us an ideal vision in any scenario, including exteriors with a great deal of light.
I have no need to examine the picture after making it, the photo will be the very same I saw it in my viewfinder, I’m done with missing out on an essential minute, I’m imagining the image previously. If you saw it, you captured it, simple as that.3.

— Due to the fact that I can use almost every lens from the marketplace

There is no doubt that in a lot of cases the very best outcomes and performance are obtained with the lens from the own brand name of the cam, whatever it may be.
However who wishes to be limited by the catalog of a brand name when you can pick from an unlimited list?
While in the DSLR we are restricted with the original lenses and those which 3rd brands produce for the particular brand, in case of the “mirrorless” cams the only limitation is your wallet, because through an adapter ring you can use practically any lens from the market, from the brand name brand-new Leica M or Carl Zeiss till even the film PL, going through the old Contax, Yashica, Voigtlander, and so on
. With the Metabones adapter we can use the popular Canon and Nikon, keeping the stabilization, focus and other automated systems.
You don’t need no longer change the lens if you alter the body.4.

— Because they are smaller sized and lighter

As I said in the past, there were some years when I checked out 12 countries, those are countless kilometres, a great deal of them on foot to the mountains carrying a heavy backpack. The reality of the electronic camera, and lenses too, being smaller and lighter not only makes my work much easier, however permits me to carry more equipment when it is required. Let’s say that in my knapsack I put 2 electronic cameras and 3 lenses, and now I can take 3 electronic cameras and 5 lenses. It forms well the productivity and so the success of my organisation. Yes, I said organisation, due to the fact that for me the photography is it. Remember I said that I am a professional? And why I put a focus on it? Because it looks like to appear more expert you require to bring a substantial and heavy equipment with you, so, well, I’m the clear example of that this argument is as weak as obsolete.5.

— Since it is the system of the future

I genuinely think that the cameras without a mirror are the future, we can see that more and more brands manufacturing the lenses and devices are producing an entire lines of the products, some of the really high quality and really professional for these cams. The producers of the cams had actually been a long period of time trying to eliminate the mechanical elements of the video cameras, and now thanks to the high quality of the electronic viewfinders and advances in the sensors, there is no reason to keep using the old prism and the folding mirror. So I’m not simply sure that not any brand name which produces “mirrorless” electronic cameras will return to the manufacturing a variety of DSLR, but also I believe the general brand names eventually will go through the hoop and accept the “mirrorles” idea as a typical one.And the last argument.Because of all the reasons I fall back on in this short article, I wish to think that for this conversation on if the video cameras without the mirror are professional or not, there is no long time left. For sure to stop hearing this exact same old tune we require to wait till the basic brands will introduce the line of the “mirrorless” cameras.
A lot of professionals like me will continue to produce the high quality material with these electronic cameras, which provide us all we need and more to achieve as excellent or even better results than ones we had with our old DSLR.

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