World of Warcraft: What is ‘Friendship Birb?!’

The ‘Friendship Moose’ Was An Initiative During Warlords of Draenor Which Helped Players Get Their Grove Warden Mount.

The Grove Warden Mount was getting removed in Legion. In similar fashion, the Violet Spellwing mount will be getting removed next expansion. You get the Violet Spellwing by defeating Argus the Unmaker in Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne. Heroic Antorus is a raid in World of Warcraft. So, going off the title, what does Friendship Birb have to do with this beautiful mount?

image of a hunter flying on a violet spellwing in orgrimmar in world of warcraft
Violet Spellwing

Friendship Birb is a community that helps players obtain these mounts, similar to Friendship Moose. They help run players through the raid. There are many different organizers for different factions including different regions. You can obtain the mounts for free as a result. Yes, it is completely free!

You do need to be level 110 to qualify, but requirements other than that will vary per group. You must also have Argus unlocked so you can get to the raid quicker and easier in the event you won’t be able to get a summons. Every host will have a different method for inviting people, and you need to be mindful of that.

Group Host Next Run Invite Procedure Link Argus Kills Birbs Obtained
US Horde Legion Buddies Every Sunday, 8 pm EST Website Ticket System 38 354
US Alliance Legion Buddies Every Sunday, 10 pm EST Website Ticket System 9 27
EU Horde Athenacorn Friday: 13.07.18 @ 20:00 CEST Discord Lottery 141 943
EU Horde Legion Buddies Every Friday, 8 pm ST Website Ticket System 14 70
EU Alliance Legion Buddies Every Saturday, 8 pm ST Website Ticket System 37 170

If you want to help carry the birb runs, you can talk to the person in charge of the runs. You might need to give them a link to your character’s armory. Hosts look for players with item level 960+ and several Argus kills while on Heroic mode. You can join the discords mentioned on the website to be notified of when runs and events will start.

Have you gotten your Violet Spellwing yet? How did you get it? If you have not gotten it just yet, will you be utilizing Friendship Birb to get yours? Let us know in the comments below, and remember to check out their website for more information.

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